What's new in Logitech Harmony for TV

What's New in 1.0
• In a Sony’s Android TV, Harmony Activities can be added to the Action menu, and then quickly launched using the Action button on the Sony remote.
• List of supported devices from the Action menu are lights, smart plugs, blinds, and thermostats.
• Control of locks are not supported at this time - either individually or within Activities.
• Logitech Harmony Hub or Harmony hub-based remote control is required (sold separately).

From version Logitech Harmony for TV (Android TV) 1.0.236:

About Logitech Harmony for TV

Use the Logitech Harmony app for Android TV to quickly control connected smart lights, blinds, and thermostats directly from the screen, all without interrupting your favorite shows.

The app works with any Logitech Harmony hub-based remote, from Harmony Elite to Harmony Hub (each sold separately). Getting started is easy. Simply install the app and sign in using an existing Harmony account. The app automatically recognizes both your personalized Harmony Activities and your smart home devices. You can then control your smart home directly from the TV screen without interrupting what you’re watching.

The Harmony for Android TV app has been designed specifically for Sony’s Android TV interface. Select up to ten Activities to display in the Action menu, in whatever order you prefer. The Action menu also lists your available supported devices - lights, smart plugs, blinds, and thermostats. Use the the Action button on your Sony remote control for quick access at any time

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