Discover the world of Louis Vuitton with a new personalized and editorialized shopping experience.

Main features
1/ A personalized display of products and content matching your preferences
2/ Shop our full product catalog and discover products selected for you.
3/ Experience our new visual search tool, the LV Finder.
Take a picture of a women's handbag seen in the street, in a magazine or in our store windows to shop instantly.
4/ Manage your Louis Vuitton connected objects and enjoy our dedicated services
a) Horizon connected luggage:
>> Receive push notifications with the geo-localisation of your connected
Horizon luggage.
>> Track your luggage on the LV app map.
>> Access Louis Vuitton City Guide based on your location.
b) Tambour Horizon connected watch:
>> Access new watch faces.
From version Louis Vuitton 5.1:
Now available: the new Horizon Earphones have been added to the Connected Objects section of the Louis Vuitton App. Explore the collection, view user tutorials, and find a dedicated FAQ section.
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