What's new in LTS Connect

- Support scanning QR code to activate and set up IPCs and NVR/DVRs (Phone must be in the same LAN as the devices) .
- Support scanning QR code to activate and set up LTH-303M-WIFI on local Wi-Fi.
- Support supplement light settings on the APP for hybrid illumination IPCs and dual light IPCs.
- Bug Fix

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About LTS Connect

The LTS Connect app works to optimize your security experience, giving you full control of LTS series DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, the video doorbell, and access control. With more PT Cloud functions added, you’ll have video sharing capabilities as well. Start by creating an account and adding your security devices. Then you can live view, search and play back recorded video of all your cameras and optimize your other LTS security devices remotely from anywhere on a global scale. LTS Connect also notifies you instantly when a motion detection alarm is triggered.

Key Features:
1. Real-time monitoring
2. Search and Video Playback
3. Motion detection alarm notification
4. Access Control and doorbell features

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November 1, 2023


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December 29, 2022


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June 27, 2022


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