Picture Collage Maker: Pic Collage & Photo Editor is the picture collage editor and pic collage maker which is one of the epic aesthetic editing apps! Thanks to this perfect collage maker with a photo frame and photo grid; you will not be able to believe how easy it is to make a pic collage, edit your photos. You can also create an astonishing photo grid and add picture effects. Picture Collage & Edit Pic Mix is also the picture collage editor for Instagram and Snapchat to create square ratio pics with no crop needed, thanks to its one tap blur background option of photo editor. 😊

With this great picture collage maker, you can now edit your pics easily and blur background. Use the picmix blender to create pic mix picture collage using dozens of photo grid art and photo frame with no crop needed! You can blur background, use picture collage and combine pics with layout to create perfect pic collage artwork from your own gallery!

This perfect pic edit app will let you easily make edit your images and create picture collage whenever you want! You can blur background of your pics and combine them using any of various photo frame, photo grid, picture effect and aesthetic layout to create a pics art design! Just try any of our perfect picture collage features!

Epic features of the Photo Editor!

📷Incredible Picture Editor
Legendary all-in-one picture editor provides various editing tools: apply image filters and effects, add text to the image or choose from charming fonts! You can apply trend image filters to make your edits wonderful! Don't forget to use a fascinating layout, photo frame and photo grid options to create picmix easily. After you adjust all your arrangements, you can save the artwork.

📱Epic Pic Collage & Photo Grid
With this perfect editor, you can choose up to 15 pics and turn them into picture collage with dozens of different layout and photo frame! Now, you can retouch the ratio of your great pic edit and adjust the borders. You may also select a photo grid or layout relevant to your need and let the Editor do its magic! Try the pic collage photo grid in picture collage maker! Photo editor offers you to blur background and easy layout as well as various photo grid to make an awesome picmix and share with your friends on your Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. :) You can select from any of hundreds of awesome picmix filters. Surprise your friends and followers with elegant fonts & scrapbook and use photo grid templates with Picture Collage Maker - Photo Collage Editor by Lyrebird Studio :)

Edit your photos with best Picture Size and Blur Background
Choose marvelous ratios suitable for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat. You can resize your epic pictures with no resize needed by using the blur background option :) Add fun stickers and text to make your images even better. Create unique arrangements with lovely photo frame and grid art :)

👑 1000+ Stickers
Picture Collage Maker presents you a vast library of stickers and layout to choose from. Adorn your pics to celebrate holidays, birthdays or graduations! With this stunning application, you can add various stickers to your pics art! You can now choose from any of 1000+ stickers! Celebrate your special days with creative designs!

🌐 Snap an astonishing Pic Edit and Share!
Share your epic pics art work, selfie instantly on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest. Combine your wonderful selfies by using an incredible layout and grid. Decorate pictures with stunning stickers. You can share your epic pics art directly from the application :)

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