Snapprefs is a project which offers enhanced features for Snapchat thru the Xposed framework. Current features are:

~Sharing from gallery
~Saving videos and pictures (Auto save)
~Folder hiding
~Directory choosing
~Custom picture timer duration (3-5-7-10 seconds)
~Saving pictures from chat
~Filter Store *NEW*
~Visual Filters - You can use Instagram like filters (17) *NEW*

~Stealth viewing *NEW*
~Block typing and presence alert *NEW*

- Paint Tools *NEW*
~ Color picker
~ Hex color input
~ Eraser
~ Drawing width changer
~ Drawing transparency changer
~ Drawing History with HEX output
~Blur tool *NEW*

- Custom Stickers
- Location Spoofing with Map
- Speed Spoofing
- Weather Spoofing
- Unlimited Viewing Time
- Looping videos - You can watch videos forever
- Ability to hide Timer
- Ability to block Discover so you can save data from your dataplan
- Custom Filters - Banner and Fullscreen

-Hiding best friends

-Screenshot detection bypass for chat messages, images and videos

-Unlimited caption text

-Select all your friends and venues

--Alignment(left, center, right)
--Style(bold, italic, bold and italic, normal)
--Rainbow text(makes each letter separatedly colored)


-Caption opacity customization


Keepchat for their amazing work
Snapshare for their amazing work
manvir for his inspirating SnapColors app
elesbb for his inspirating SnapChat Full Caption app
chiralcode for his ColorPicker
Yoganandh for his color collection
ckitti for his ckChangelog library
ddmanfire for implementing array saving
MikeOrtiz for TouchImageView
singmingming for android-instagram-filters

Note: Obviously, you need root access on your phone.
1.Download the Xposed Installer APK.
2.Install the app along with the framework.
3.Download and install the app from the repository.
4.Activate the module in the Xposed Installer.
5.Soft reboot your device.
6.Configure the settings to your taste.
7.Press the triangle to launch text customization.
8.Click share from Gallery, select Snapprefs to send any picture from the Gallery

It is licensed on the GPL V3 which you have already received a million times.

Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Marcell Mészáros

Snapprefs is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by the Snapchat Inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent application.

From version SNAPPREFS 2.1.0:

- Updated for SC
- Readded Autosave for Snaps and Stories
- Added Now Playing Filter
- Added Customizable Recording Time
- Added Advanced Crop Menu for Image Sharing
- Added Fling to Save
- Added Disable Auto-Advance
- Stealth Save Button for Deluxe Users (size and opacity)
- Added Saving of Profile Pictures
- Added Front Flash Function (volume up or down)
- Stealth Notification for Deluxe Users
- Significant Performance Improvements
- Added Option to move the Save button from the right to the left
- Added Saved Chat Logs in Snapprefs
- Added Reset Button for Spoofing
- Readded Rainbox Text
- Added Auto killing of Snapchat on preference change
- Added Lense Collector and Selector
- Added Debug Options and reworked Debug logging
- Changed Loading of Filters
- Added more Support Options
- Added Documentation
- Fixed ToU Dialog
- Bugfixes

All versions
December 26, 2016


Uploaded:December 26, 2016 at 8:22PM UTC

File size:7.59 MB


SNAPPREFS 2.0.0 beta
August 22, 2016

Version:2.0.0 beta

Uploaded:August 22, 2016 at 7:20PM UTC

File size:5.03 MB


December 25, 2015


Uploaded:December 25, 2015 at 12:35AM UTC

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