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Stay prepared for any weather conditions with our user-friendly weather app. With live weather updates, hourly and daily forecasts, weather notifications and alerts, and much more, you'll always know what to expect from the weather.


Accurate, Up-to-Date Forecasts:
Get detailed daily and hourly forecasts, including rain and snow information and hourly wind forecasts for fishermen, sailors, windsurfers, and more. Plus, with feels like temperature information, you'll always know how to dress before leaving home.

Customizable Widgets:
Choose from 10+ customizable time and weather widgets, with options for daily or hourly weather forecasts, and add them to your home screen for easy access to weather information at a glance.

Local Weather Maps:
View local weather maps and get useful weather alerts, including warnings about upcoming storms or other severe conditions, to stay prepared for anything Mother Nature might throw your way.

Upgrade to Premium:
Remove all ads and enjoy ad-free weather, live animated weather radar, air quality reports, storm radar and hurricane trackers. Plus, get access to 60-minute forecasts in 10-minute intervals and expandable temperature notifications.

Stay Prepared:
Use extended hourly and daily forecasts, live weather radar maps, and accurate weather alerts to prepare for extreme cold conditions, heavy rain and snow, storms, heat waves and floods. With our local weather reports, you can plan your weekends and outdoor activities accordingly.

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From version Transparent clock and weather 6.22.14:

Version 6.22.14
- Bug fixes

Version 6.22.12
- Fixed issue with vibration on weather refresh
- Remember map style in the 'My location' page

Version 6.22.11
- UI improvements
- Update time & weather when app is left open (charging mode)
- Fixed time zone related bug
- Fixed persistent severe weather alert issue
- Fixed bugs related to NWS
- More bug fixes and optimizations

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Transparent clock and weather 6.22.14


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Transparent clock and weather 6.22.12


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Transparent clock and weather 6.22.11


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Transparent clock and weather 6.21.6


Uploaded:April 27, 2023 at 6:41AM UTC

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Transparent clock and weather 6.21.4


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Transparent clock and weather 6.20.1


Uploaded:March 20, 2023 at 6:49AM UTC

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Transparent clock and weather 6.19.5


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Transparent clock and weather 6.19.2


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Transparent clock and weather 6.18.8


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Transparent clock and weather 6.18.6


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