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Language is an Adventure. Learn languages in a fun and efficient way with real-life conversations, native-speaker audio and cultural context. Mango app will make you speak like a local in a blink of an eye.

Mango is a convenient and simple foreign language learning app that features authentic content, interactive features, and an algorithmic review activity designed to adapt to your individual learning path. Forget about boring language lessons in a classroom, digitize your experience with Mango!

In our comprehensive courses you’ll learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture simultaneously through interactive lessons. Note how to express your immediate thoughts in different languages and apply your new knowledge right away.

Would you like to learn one of the top European languages? We offer German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and other popular languages of the continent!

Interested in Asian culture? Learn Korean, Chinese and Japanese with the Mango app.

Looking to improve our world lingua franca? Free English learning is a part of the app as well!

It’s going to be better than any online language courses!

Want to start learning languages? Get full access:
• FREE through many libraries and other institutions
• Use the search feature in the app to find organizations offering free access near you
• Subscribe to our affordable monthly plans

Learning languages free of charge? Mango subscriptions include a free 14-day trial period, and you can easily cancel at any time.

• All Languages: Access to all of our languages for you and up to five additional family members.
• Single-Language: Access to a single language and one learning profile.

If you have a question or feedback on our learning app, feel free to contact us at

Why is it easy to learn different languages with Mango?

• Practical, real-world conversations
• Linguist-approved language courses
• Studio-recorded native-speaker audio
• Individualized spaced-repetition review system
• Auto play for hands-free, on-the-go learning
• Downloadable lessons for offline access
• Interactive listening and reading exercises
• Essential cultural insights
• Content aligned with international standards
• Designed with ADA standards in mind
• Bluetooth compatibility
• Personalized support from real humans


Available courses for English speakers:
• Arabic (Egyptian)
• Arabic (Iraqi)
• Arabic (Levantine)
• Arabic (Modern Standard)
• Armenian
• Azerbaijani
• Bengali
• Chaldean Aramaic
• Chinese (Cantonese)
• Chinese (Mandarin)
• Croatian
• Czech
• Cherokee
• Danish
• Dari
• Dutch
• Dzongkha
• Filipino (Tagalog)
• Finnish
• French
• French (Canadian)
• German
• Greek
• Greek (Ancient)
• Greek (Koine)
• Haitian Creole
• Hawaiian
• Hebrew (Modern)
• Hebrew (Biblical)
• Hindi
• Hungarian
• Icelandic
• Igbo
• Indonesian
• Irish
• Italian
• Japanese
• Javanese
• Kazakh
• Korean
• Latin
• Malay
• Malayalam
• Norwegian
• Pashto
• Persian (Farsi)
• Polish
• Portuguese (Brazilian)
• Potawatomi
• Punjabi (Pakistani)
• Romanian
• Russian
• Scottish Gaelic
• Serbian
• Shanghainese
• Slovak
• Spanish (Castilian)
• Spanish (Latin American)
• Swahili
• Swedish
• Tamil
• Telugu
• Thai
• Turkish
• Tuvan
• Ukrainian
• Urdu
• Uzbek
• Vietnamese
• Yiddish

Available English courses for speakers of various languages:
• Arabic (Egyptian)
• Arabic (Modern Standard)
• Armenian
• Bengali
• Chinese (Cantonese)
• Chinese (Mandarin)
• French
• German
• Greek
• Haitian Creole
• Hmong
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Polish
• Portuguese (Brazilian)
• Russian
• Somali
• Spanish (Latin American)
• Turkish
• Vietnamese

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