An open source material design gallery. No distractions from your photos, and no heavy weight from loading. Personalize it to your liking by changing colours and by going into dark mode.

Based on Impression by Aidan Follestad.

Impression's code:
Aperture's Code: (Uses MIT Liscence)

Please note that this is a BETA, which means that it is still under development, There are bound to be bugs or changes to the UI.

Join the community to contribute to the project, get experimental and Alpha builds, and report bugs (

Note: An update has been recently released (26, October, 2015), but the screenshots in the store listing do NOT reflect these changes. The screenshots will be changed as soon as possible.

From version Aperture Gallery 0.6.9:

Update 0.6.9 PPBA: , UI Fixes, Lag Fixes, preview of Editor (Still in development, but you can see what has been done so far) Preparations for 0.7.5 (Will Add Camera Support and Lag Fixes)

All versions
Aperture Gallery 0.6.9
October 31, 2015


Uploaded:October 31, 2015 at 8:05PM UTC

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Aperture Gallery 0.6.6 beta
October 28, 2015


Uploaded:October 28, 2015 at 10:41PM UTC

File size:1.9 MB