★★★★★ Delve into the wizard's universe--play Maguss!

A location-based fantasy MMORPG, Maguss is set in the most amazing environment ever created: the world itself! Create your own customized character and embark on an unforgettable journey. By drawing glyphs, unleash powerful spells to defeat monsters and other players in a semi-turned, action-filled combat. Gain experience, level up, learn more spells, collect better equipment, and raise your skills to gain related bonuses and perks. Explore the environment to encounter monsters, gather ingredients, brew potions, find treasure, and duel other mages to earn respect and glory.

The world is your stage--and you are the lead actor.
Enter the world of Maguss!

PLEASE NOTE. The game is not yet localized and therefore only available in English.
We would love to thank all our backers and fans for their huge support. You are amazing!


● Ranked PVP. Duel other players in a long or a short-distance mode. Climb up the rankings and earn unique armour illusions.
● Choose from 4 mage classes with different base stats and playstyle-specific spells.
● 3 non-combat skills: Exploration, Herblore and Brewing
● Over 40 spells with different effects
● Various armour pieces with different quality, unique stats and set-bonuses
● More than 40 unique, hand-crafted monsters
● Daily Challenges
● 10 slot spell deck allowing for strategy and tactics


● Crafting
● Wandering Björn
● Territory Wars
● Bosses
● Trading

Do you have any questions or concerns? Contact us on our official FB page: www.facebook.com/MagussWand
From version Maguss - Wizarding MMORPG 1.01:

1. Boosters from rewards (level up, daily rewards) should now stack with an already purchased booster

2. PvP leagues names fixed

3. Additional inventory slots fixed

4. Interaction Circle Size booster now also works with picking up chests

5. Server load fixes (server optimization)
All versions
February 23, 2018