Lightweight and Material designed Music Player

Based on Phonograph

Active tabs management
Themes: Light, Dark, Black (for AMOLED)
Changeable Primary color & Accent color
Auto download artists & albums art
Audio focus
Gapless playback
Blacklist: ability to hide folders
Library categories: albums, artist, all songs, genres and playlists
Folders browser
Now playing screen:
Two appearance for now playing screen: Card & Flat
Classical media controls: seek bar, repeat (1x, loop), skip, play/pause, shuffle
On the top: Lyrics view & Favorite song buttons
At the bottom: name of the currently playing song & queue
Simple queue management
Tip: to move in queue long tap on the number of the song

Flexible tag editor
Lockscreen: blur album cover
Sort options
Landscape support

From version MaxFour Music Player (github version) 1.3.3:

• Added Korean strings
• Accent & primary colors are changed
• Fixed incorrect view in landscape mode in AboutActivity
• New app icon

All versions


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