So, you’ve got your very first phone. The Own It app will help you to make smart choices, feel more confident and get advice when you need it.

- The Own It app comes with a special keyboard. This can be used like any other keyboard, but it also gives you helpful tips and friendly advice as you write!
- Track how you feel and improve your wellbeing
- Packed full of gifs and emojis to help you express yourself!
- Best of all, the Own It keyboard and app is personal to you. Everything you type is kept completely private, and never leaves the Own It app on your phone.

When you're chatting online, do you know what information you can share? Own It gives you advice when you need it the most. And that means you can stay chilled and in control!

The special keyboard can be used like any other keyboard - to type messages to mates, post stuff or search online - and the clever bit happens while you're typing. The Own It keyboard uses technology to check what you're saying as you write. If you're feeling bad or sad, sharing personal information or maybe even being a little bit unkind without meaning too, the keyboard gives you a helping hand exactly when you need it. Oh and it’s full of emojis and GIFs too!

You can even use the Own It app like a diary, by adding notes and tracking your emotions. The app will tell you when you’re winning at life - and offer you help and guidance when things aren't going so well! No matter how you're feeling, the Own It app is there with videos, quizzes and more!

So how is the Own It app and keyboard personal to you? Everything you type is kept completely private, and never leaves the Own It app on your phone. The keyboard doesn’t share anything you type with other people. That means you can use the keyboard, add notes and share your emotions without worrying about who might see.

The Own It app – we’ve got this!

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October 9, 2019