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From version BBC Own It: smart keyboard and wellbeing app 1.2.7:

Top online safety tips from your fave celebs.
Send gifs and emoticons to your mates.
Extra quizzes and videos give you an even better insight into yourself and how you can grow to be the best online you.
Even more new ways to express yourself online!

About BBC Own It: smart keyboard and wellbeing app

Getting their first phone is an exciting time for kids, but it can be a worrying time for parents. The BBC Own It app can help kids enjoy the internet and connect with friends much more safely.
Guidance and support during online chat - the special keyboard can be used like any other, but it also offers advice to children as they type and intervenes to support your child. The information and guidance can help your child with their fears and emotions around a wide variety of subjects.

Wellbeing – Encourage your child to keep a diary. Writing down how you feel has proven benefits. The app has an easy to use diary feature and mood tracker that helps kids express themselves in a fun way and to manage their emotions.
Connecting with others – It’s been a tough time – so stay connected with the Own It app. The keyboard is packed full of gifs, emojis and conversation suggestions to help your child express themselves or even to swerve the chat.
Entertainment – there’s loads of cheer and fun stuff for kids to enjoy including quizzes and videos – which will also help them make the best decisions in their online life.

Privacy - Everything that your child types is kept completely private, and never leaves the Own It app.

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