This is an experimental app. We’re trialling the automatic selection of videos, based on the videos you watch in the app. Content is updated daily from a selection of video clips we publish across BBC websites.

As you watch, the app learns what you like and don’t like – creating your very own customised video feed. We’ll suggest content we think you won’t want to miss.
We’d love to hear what you think of the app, and what we could do better.

To give you the best experience, this app tracks what you’ve watched and how long you’ve watched videos for. You can turn this off by logging into your BBC account and turning off “Allow Personalisation”. The device uses performance cookies for internal purposes to help us improve the app. You can choose to opt out of this at any time from the in-app Settings menu. For more information about this and privacy, cookies and BBC+ more generally, visit the BBC+ Privacy notice at To read the BBC’s Privacy Policy go to

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The app was developed by Media AT (BBC Media Applications Technologies Limited) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Full details of Media AT are available on the Companies House website at:

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