MEGOGO is the entertainment provider you're always feel good with. It's as if you bought all the television at once and received movies, tv series, cartoons, sports, audiobooks, and podcasts in the package as well. And you can watch it all with one subscription on all your devices.

Everyone will find something that they like

Top TV channels. Watch the best TV channels among which you'll find free Ukrainian TV, news, TV shows and movies on TV, to rated international channels, channels for kids, educational and informational channels, sports TV, music channels, and 18+. Do not miss a new episode of a TV show, keep up to date with the news and watch your favorite TV.

Popular movies and series. Watch new movies and favorite classic films online, Ukrainian and the world's best movies, popular TV series. Turn films on either in original language or in English, with an audio description or with a sign language. Everyone will find what they love, among hundreds of genres: adventure, action, detective, fantasy, melodrama, comedy, horror and more.

Everything for kids. Choose what your kids will be doing today: watching cartoons, listening to audio tales for children, and having fun with characters from their favorite animated films and series. Also, you can turn on online lessons for educational purposes. A virtual kindergarten is available for the little ones, and an online school is available for kids of all grades.

Audio. Check our selection of audiobooks, top podcasts, audiobooks for kids and adults, popular literature, non-fiction, fantasy and love stories. Listen online or download and listen whenever you want in MEGOGO mobile app.

All for a comfortable rest

Manage the broadcast. Pause, rewind your favorite moment, and watch recorded programs for up to 14 days, so you don't miss a new episode of a series, comedy show, or concert of your favorite artist.
Choice of an audio track. Watch the content in the original language, or select the audio track language while watching.
User-friendly search and filters. Use the perfect search engine and customize filters, so you can easily find and watch your favourites online.
Personalized Recommendation System. Like your preferred content, look for your favourite series, be active in the app to get personalized selections, and watch your favourite TV series, movies in Ukrainian, and classics. The app will provide you with everything you like in advance.
Movies and audiobooks offline. To watch movies and series without an internet connection, you need to download them to your gadget, then turn them on when it's convenient and enjoy the content offline.

MEGOGO on Android TV

User-friendly app for TV and set-top boxes with Android TV.
Excellent HD, Full HD, and 4K picture quality.
A well-designed interface and easy navigation.
More good tips
One subscription for 5 devices. Connect 10 different devices to your account, so your family and friends can watch their favourites too. Watch movies, series, and cartoons on up to 5 devices at the same time, and football games on 2 devices.
No obligations. Activate your subscription in a few clicks and cancel it easily.
Customer support is available 24/7. And they can advise you on movies and answer any question.

From version MEGOGO - TV, Movies,Audiobooks (Android TV) 2.7.11:

In this update, we've fixed some different bugs.
Update and enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV anytime!

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