What's new in FORM Clock Widget

v2.0 (February 2016):

Rebuilt from the ground up!
- Optimised widget rendering code.
- Muuuuuch more flexible colour options.
- Flexible new date/time formatting options.
- New option to change widget layout depending on device orientation.
- You can now choose more than one app shortcut for when you touch the widget.
- New option to change colour-syncing frequency.
- Added links to make giving feedback easier - let me know of any problems!
- Please see in-app change log for full details.

From version FORM Clock Widget 2.0.2:

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FORM Clock Widget 2.0.2
March 24, 2016


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FORM Clock Widget 2.0.1
February 15, 2016


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FORM Clock Widget 1.3.3


Uploaded:July 6, 2015 at 11:24PM UTC

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