Bing Wallpapers features a collection of beautiful images featured on the Bing homepage over the last 10 years. Browse images, learn where they're from, and set them as your mobile wallpaper.

Each image tells a story
Discover details on what makes each image special, including info on the location, photographer, and why we featured it.  
Browse what you like
Leverage the filter to choose the kind of color, category, and locations you want to see. Stick with a simple solid-colored background when the mood suits. 
New images every day
Just like the Bing homepage, our app is updated daily. 
Get automatic updates
Set your wallpaper to automatically update and every morning you'll get a brand new image. 
Powerful Bing image search
Leverage Bing search to find specific wallpaper images for your device. 
Supports landscape mode
The app supports both portrait and landscape mode.

From version Bing Wallpapers 11.2.31748879:

'Bing Wallpapers' is the official gallery of Bing homepage wallpaper images, updated daily.

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Bing Wallpapers 11.2.31748879
September 18, 2021


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Bing Wallpapers 11.1.31577609


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Bing Wallpapers 11.0.29158401


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