What's new in Hummingbird - stories for you

Welcome to Hummingbird - stories for you.
You speak, we listen! Below some of the new features we launched in this release
- Dark mode: Now you can enjoy dark mode for your favorite app - just go to Settings ->Dark mode and set toggle to the right.
- Adblock Plus: You can block unwanted ads quickly. Go to Settings -> Content blockers to turn on AdBlock Plus.
- Article reporting: Easily report problematic or offensive content and source by tapping on the "..." in each feed card.

From version Hummingbird - stories for you 1.3.27186502:

About Hummingbird - stories for you

Hummingbird uses the latest AI and search technology to help you locate stories. In Hummingbird, you can find stories and videos on topics you care about and from sources you trust on the web. You set it up with just a few taps.
It's smart
The more you use Hummingbird, the better it gets at searching and locating stories from across the web that you'll like—and avoiding ones you won't.
It's informed
Stay up to date on the latest search results in news and sports from a variety of sources on the web, plus get results related to your interests and hobbies, such as fashion, food, and DIY. And you get all that in one place.
It's fun
When you need a break, check out the latest viral videos in search.   
It's simple
Just tap topics to add them to your personalized feed. 
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Microsoft releases Hummingbird, a personalized news app powered by AI


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