Simple & secure chat app for large groups & work management.

Microsoft Kaizala is an encrypted messaging app for sending instant messages, pictures, documents, video and audio.

Microsoft runs on trust. We at Kaizala, respect your privacy and never share your data to any third party. Your conversations remain safe - always.

Organizations worldwide have adopted Microsoft Kaizala, making it one of the most preferred professional communication and team collaboration apps.

Kaizala is a highly interactive, all-in-one messaging app with incredibly productive & utility features viz. announcements, task management, survey & polls, schedule meetings, collecting feedback, requesting attendance, quizzes, and more.

Users can utilize in-built features like 'jobs' for assigning tasks. Onboard new employees using the 'training' feature to upload text and video orientation instructions. Connect to your extended network with ease and share text, photos, data, and file sharing. Organizations can use the broadcast groups to engage with end user.

Kaizala provides secure 1:1 and private group chats. These can be groups for internal team discussion, engaging consumers and gather feedback, and for professional interaction and interest-based networking.

Kaizala is a scalable app aimed at increasing productivity, collaboration and efficiency for both users & organizations. With no upper limit on members, Kaizala has set the benchmark for messengers handling large groups.

Additional Value-added attributes for Office 365 Customers:
- Kaizala is compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC1, and HIPAA. Kaizala provides Azure Active Directory sign-in options for chats.
- The encrypted messenger sports Office 365's enterprise-level security.
- Office 365 integration enables group creation and management. Users can remove members and manage data.
- Create custom actions, get access to advanced data reporting and analysis.
- Integrate business systems and workflow, and enhance collaboration using Kaizala’s open

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Our customer stories:

International airlines streamlines cabin crew operations
Philippine Airlines has cut down on scheduling time, enhanced security and boosted employee satisfaction post Kaizala integration-

Indian Hospital makes real-time healthcare services affordable and accessible
Narayana Health has implemented Kaizala to cut down healthcare costs and facilitate timely communication between patients and the medical staff-

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