The new Mixer app is completely redesigned to give you a high-quality Mixer experience, optimized for mobile. Find the content that matters to you  and connect with your favorite streamers on the go. In this newest update, we’ve added:
· Faster Than Light (FTL) video playback so you can watch and interact with less than a second of latency
· Alerts for when your favorite streamers go live
· Better search and filtering
· Support for Co-Streaming, Chat Moderation & Hosting
Mixer gives viewers a window into a streamer's game worlds, allowing you to do everything from striking lightning down, to generating the level's terrain.

• Realtime streaming protocol for < 250ms stream delay (can be higher on mobile)
• Follow channels to keep up-to-date
• Full-featured chat with all your favorite Mixer emotes
• Earn Spark points while watching streams

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January 11, 2018
Android 4.1+
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