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This release is packed with bug fixes and a few neat additions to chat.
- Subscription confetti: When someone subscribes to a channel, confetti will now rain from the sky, just like on desktop. Hoorah!
- Whisper improvements: selecting “whisper” after tapping on a users name in chat now opens the keyboard.
- More chat commands! You can now use ""/SetTitle"", ""/SetGame"" and ""/SetAudience"" on channel chat.
- Squashed some bugs around notifications and sign-in
Mixer is home to a unique community of gamers, creators, draw-ers, music-ers, and do-ers.

With Mixer, you can:
• Watch streams of your favorite games with less than a second of delay, that's Faster Than Light technology.
• Interact with streamers in fun ways beyond just typing messages into chat. Send animated stickers and GIFs or eye-popping effects like fireworks, flying spaghetti monsters and bouncing beachballs.
• Support your favorite streamers the way you want with Sparks and Embers. Earn Sparks for free just by watching streams or purchase Embers for bigger celebrations in streams.
• See the most exciting moments in gaming with HypeZone, a 24/7 channel that automatically switches between streamers closest to winning in popular games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG.
• Customize your profile, follow your favorite streamers, find what you want faster.

Mixer is more than a streaming app - it's a streaming community. We want to hear from you what you want to see in the app. Give us any feedback you have on Twitter @WatchMixer.
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4.11.0 APK
December 5, 2019
Android 5.0+
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