We are RETIRING OUTINGS APP ON JULY 31st 2019. But you can still find all these cool places on Bing App.

Outings allows you to search for high quality travel stories about scenic places from travel blogs and other places. Save search results to a bucket list so you never forget your next destination, and share them with future travel buddies.
Explore places:
Whatever you’re interested in searching for – hiking, biking, backpacking, scuba diving, historical sites, monuments, city life, kid-friendly activities, scenic vistas or the hidden gems - Outings will find the perfect spot for you. Discover scenic places to visit nearby or in popular cities, islands, national parks or state parks such as New York, Boston, Charleston, Vancouver, Hawaii, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Acadia, Arches, Crater Lake, Death Valley, Banff, Denali, Jasper, etc.
Stunning images:
Search for photos and scroll through endless images from Bing for a place to get an immediate feel for the whole adventure that awaits you. Outings adds more trip destinations and scenic places regularly, so you will have a steady stream of places to visit.
Get inspired to explore:
Choose topics that interest you and swipe through travel stories tailored just for you. The Discover feed shows places all around the US and Canada that you may enjoy. The Nearby feed offers stories about places around you. Been there before? Check it off the list and keep track of all the places you’ve been. Switch to a map view for a visual search experience and see what’s around the corner. Or search more topics and destinations for travel ideas and inspiration. Head over to Bing to research more about the place.
Save and share with friends:
Instantly save your next trip to a folder for safe keeping. Create travel bucket lists for the weekend or the distant future. Share them with friends and family on social media, so they can be inspired and you can get trips on the calendar.
Outings is a Microsoft Garage project by the Bing Maps team.

From version Outings: Discover Your Next Scenic Trip 1.1.11:

We are retiring Outings app on 07/31/2019. But you can still find all these cool places on the Bing app.

Latest: 1.1.10 on April 25, 2019
Latest: 1.1.11 on June 27, 2019
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