The Personal Shopping Assistant automatically remembers products you browse on the phone. These products are added to your "mobile" and "Browsed" boards automatically. You can see them as product cards in the Assistant app. Please open the Assistant app and leave it running while you browse products on your Mobile Chrome browser.

Now, all your shopping on the Phone, PC and Mac are automatically synced, in the App on the phone and the browser extension on PC and Mac.

All the great features of the Personal Shopping Assistant that you love, are now on the phone
- Automatically remembers products you browse inside the browser on the phone
- Save your favorites to your boards and get automatic price change notifications
- Compare products across sellers
- Find other places to buy, share with others and more
- Add the assistant to your Facebook Messenger and say hi -

From version Personal Shopping Assistant 100.1820.40.1:

A couple of UI and stability fixes.

All versions


Uploaded:May 21, 2018 at 7:22PM UTC

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Personal Shopping Assistant 100.1808.50.1


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Personal Shopping Assistant 100.1710.70.1


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