Trip Tracker, a Microsoft Garage project, is a free app that automatically records your drives, runs, walks, and bike rides. The app works in the background, and will auto detect when your activity has started. Download Trip Tracker and make to easier to remember the trips you’ve taken.

Features include:
1. Automatic trip tracking
2. Start and end time, duration, and path for each trip
3. Battery efficient location tracking
4. Support for multiple activities including drives, walks, runs, and bike rides.

Trip Tracker is built using Microsoft’s Location and Observation Platform, LOOP ( . LOOP is an Android and iOS SDK that provides location insights and analytics for your app.

Drop in one line of code and LOOP will turn location signals into insights you can add to your app including:

1. Automatic trip tracking – showcased in this app
2. Detect your user’s home & work
3. History of places visited
4. Geofencing triggers

LOOP provides a developer dashboard where you can view aggregate location stats on your users. You can upload your own GeoJSON files to see where users cluster or export the data for your own analysis.

All of our features are available via an easy-to-integrate, battery efficient SDK for Android and iOS. Our code for Trip Tracker is available on GitHub where you can view the source, file issues, or even fork our repo to build your own trip tracking app. View our code at GitHub

The LOOP SDK is currently in private beta. If you are interested in adding LOOP to your app, we want to hear from you! LOOP is free to get started, and easy to use. To find out more about Microsoft’s mobile location platform, please visit

Join our developer beta community at

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From version Trip Tracker 1.0.6:

- Bug fixes

All versions
Trip Tracker 1.0.6
December 8, 2016


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Trip Tracker 1.0.0
October 5, 2016


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