An easy-to-use and wise calendar with clear and simple interface can help you create important events, set up reminders, and notify you as scheduled effectively!

If you are still looking for a smart and free calendar app on your Android phone, Calendar Lite is the best choice. Apart from the basic date viewing and events planning features, Calendar Lite helps you manage all the events in your schedule line efficiently and sync with other calendar accounts perfectly.

What Features You can Get:
Clean Calendar Interface
You can choose different ways to view the calendar - daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. All the to-do lists will be listed in the Agenda view. After entering inside, you can check out your agenda and add any new events to it by simply click on one of the dates in the calendar.

Create & Edit Your Events/Reminders/Notifications
Schedule your life and work effectively using simple steps. Just click on any date to create your recurring events - fill in information such as event title, event category, email account, date time, location, note and etc. You can setup reminders so that you won’t miss any important events. You can choose the time zone and decide the repetition pattern for the event. You can add a list of attendees to invite to the event. You can edit your events at any time and change the color for them.

Live Search
Calendar Lite provides the search function to precisely locate to your events and it’s easy to clear the search history in the settings.

Smart Synchronization
Choose any account from Corporate, Google Exchange, and Google to login to Calendar Lite. It allows synchronization and backup from these accounts.

>>>Other Features<<<
No ads: Free enjoy the Calendar Lite to help you organize your day and life. It’s totally free and ads-free!
Intuitive interface: The interface and navigation are super user-friendly and flexible.
Setup reminders: You can decide how to get the notifications/reminders of your events.
Permission of some accessing: We ask for permissions to access some of your data/information such as WLAN to sync, Contact to link with the appointment and etc. so as to ensure the use of Calendar Lite.
Calendar Widget: Add the Calendar Lite widget to your home screen and customize it.
Show week number You can choose to display the week number in the calendar.
Week start day You can start weeks on Saturday, Monday or Sunday instead.

Calendar Lite team is dedicated to building up a stable and steady app-experience for you. Please support us and get more new and amazing features from this app.

Just join us to give more improvements to the calendar app.
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1.Optimized reminder and event page layouts
2.Bug fixes and performance updates

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