Dodge the bullets, shoot the enemies, defeat the bosses!

Take to the skies for an endless-arcade shooter that is fast, furious and formidable!

Collect over 200 daring pilots over 20 different terrains.

Change the intensity from Scouty to Screamy, if you dare!
Earn a multitude of achievements
Challenging daily missions
Guns! Missiles! Badgers!

Get flying now!
From version Shooty Skies - Arcade Flyer 2.903.9882:
Feline Felicitations! Shooty Cat has a clowder of cats arriving - and they're all here for fun! Cleocatra, Tommy the Cat, Whiskers and more are just waiting for you to play with them!

- 7 new pilots! 4 general, 3 secret
- Quality of life tweaks
- Bug fixes and stability improvements
All versions