Dodge the bullets, shoot the enemies, defeat the bosses!

Take to the skies for an endless-arcade shooter that is fast, furious and formidable!

Collect over 200 daring pilots over 20 different terrains.

Change the intensity from Scouty to Screamy, if you dare!
Earn a multitude of achievements
Challenging daily missions
Guns! Missiles! Badgers!

Get flying now!
From version Shooty Skies - Arcade Flyer 3.300.9967:
Festive Flights! Zoom across the frosted skies with new Shooty friends! Citizen Cane, Mary Ecksmas, Menorobot and Kwanzaa Kat are ready to celebrate the holidays with you. Happy holidays from Mighty Games!

- 6 new pilots! 4 general, 2 secret
- Quality of life tweaks
- Bug fixes and stability improvements
(Android 4.1+)
Latest: 3.300.9967 on December 19, 2018
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