- Removal and addition of some Achievements.
- Weekly Challenge Discontinued.
- Multiplayer functions (Co-op Battle, VS Battle) discontinued.
- Skill changes related to Summon Points.
- Eidolon enhancement function discontinued, and Eidolon list relocation.
- Changed number of team presets to 15.
- Changed condition of unlocking scenarios in the Trading Post.
- Relocated the Shop to the [Tavern], and partial UI changes.
- Changed World Map.
- Specification changes to the WebView.
An encounter that will tear away the veil shrouding the world's secrets and set the gears of fate in motion...

*Maneuver your characters freely to outflank your enemies.

Move units freely around a grid-based map to flank the enemy, striking from both sides in a pincer attack.

*Eradicate multiple foes in one fell swoop with chain attacks.

Characters can be positioned to execute chain attacks with allies. Take advantage of bonus items on the map as well to obliterate your foes!

*Customize characters strategically via jobs and skills.

Characters can undergo three types of job changes. Acquire new skills and combine them to create characters that best fit your play style.

*Experience an expansive game world with hundreds of battle maps and hundreds of friends and foes.

A myriad of richly distinctive and diverse foes will confront you on a variety of battle maps. Prevail against them to gradually unravel the mysteries of this strange new world.

*This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0
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October 9, 2018
Android 4.1+
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