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Evil turns to stone and lay dormant.
The pure will light up and awaken.
But beware...
An aura too strong gives life to Good... And Evil
To our world... TERRA
Light gives birth to darkness, and darkness gives light its form.
The place to which we must return, the place from where we must depart.

- Redesigned from the ground up with a greater emphasis on storytelling.
- Experience the excitement of exploring the unknown as you journey accross the field map.
- Tailor made to a deep and engaging story worthy of the role playing games.
- Master a strategic and rewarding battle system.

How will the people who live on “Terra” unravel the truths and mysteries of their planet? An epic fantasy RPG awaits you.

From version Terra Battle 2 1.0.8:

Optimized the game data.

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February 22, 2018
September 20, 2017