The ultimate app to transfer your images,videos and audios to SD Card and vice versa + Duplicate Cleaner 🚀

Images,videos and audios altogether can be moved to SD card and also from SD Card to internal storage using MoveIt. MoveIt also helps in cleaning your phone's junk and increasing your phone's speed and storage with a inbuilt cleaner .

Additionally MoveIt has a duplicate cleaner which helps remove duplicate files. These files (duplicate photos, duplicate videos and duplicate songs) occupy a lot of your storage space.

We have also added a new feature Auto Transfer which transfer your medias to SD Card automatically.

MoveIt also has a Media Scanner which helps to find hidden medias.

Why should you use MoveIt?

* Transfer medias altogether to SD Card.

* Transfer medias altogether to Internal Storage.

* MoveIt also has a inbuilt cleaner to clean junk to boost speed and also increase storage.

* MoveIt also has a Dupilicate Cleaner to help remove duplicate files. Moveit helps remove duplicate files from SD Card as well as Internal Storage.

* Auto Transfer help's transfer medias to SD Card automatically.

* MoveIt also has a internal and external storage media scanner.

* Search internal and external storage using MoveIt.

Full Description

* Transfer media from Internal storage to SD card - Images,videos and audios altogether can be transferred to SD Card using MoveIt.

* Transfer media from SD card to internal storage - Images,videos and audioa alltogether can be transferred to Internal storage using MoveIt.

* Cleaner- You can clean your cache, apk's files, temp files, thumbnails and empty folders using our inbuilt cleaner.

*Duplicate Ceaner- MoveIt has both a Internal duplicate cleaner as well as a SD card duplicate cleaner. Our duplicate cleaner accurately detect all the duplicate files (duplicate photos, duplicate videos and duplicate songs) and help you to delete them which results in increasing your storage space.

* Auto Transfer- Auto transfer is a one of its kind feature. It helps in transferring your media from any one location in Internal storage to any location in your SD Card automatically without opening the app.

* Media scanner- MoveIt also has a media scanner.It has both a internal storage media scanner and external storage media scanner which helps in finding all the media in your phone which are not being displayed.

* Search - Search for Images,videos, and audios in Internal storage and SD Card.

* Media player- MoveIt has a inbuilt Image,Video and Audio player which helps in viewing your media before transferring or deleting them.

* Delete- You can also easily view and delete your media in internal storage and SD Card using MoveIt.

* Easy UI- MoveIt has a easy and user friendly UI so that you can effortlessly and easily Transfer your images, videos and audios to sdcard and viceversa.

* New Folder- Using MoveIt you can also create a new folder to transfer your medias to it.

* Multiselect- You can transfer images, videos and audio altogether at the same time to sdcard and viceversa.

* Large medias- Use MoveIt to transfer large amount of your medias to sdcard and viceversa.

* Fast- Transfer your medias to sdcard quickly.

* Sorted Media- Easily transfer your medias as they are sorted date wise.

* Media Manager- Moveit also serves as a media manager as it shows, move and also delete your medias.

Note- MoveIt will not be responsible for any data lost or damage to your phone.

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From version MoveIt: Move Media to SD Card 220519r:

* Made transferring process simpler
* Improved Junk Cleaner
* Improved Duplicate Finder Performance
* Revamped Media Scanner
* Minor Bug Fixes
* And Much More

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MoveIt: Move Media to SD Card 220519r


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