This release does not have a Play Store Description, so we grabbed one from version 3.0.4:

A full-featured package manager and viewer for Android


General features

  • Fully reproducible, copylefted libre software (GPLv3+)
  • Material 3 with dynamic colours
  • Displays as much information as possible in the main page
  • Lists activities, broadcast receivers, services, providers, app ops, permissions, signatures, shared libraries, etc. of an application
  • Launch activities and services
  • Create shortcuts of activities
  • Intercept activities
  • Scan for trackers and libraries in apps and list (all or only) tracking classes (and their code dump)
  • View/save the manifest of an app
  • Display app usage, data usage (mobile and Wi-Fi), and app storage info (requires “Usage Access” permission)
  • Install/uninstall APK files (including APKS, APKM and XAPK with OBB files)
  • Share APK files
  • Back up/restore APK files
  • Batch operations
  • Single-click operations
  • Logcat viewer
  • Profiles (including presets for quick debloating)
  • Open an app in Aurora Store or in your favourite F-Droid client directly from App Manager
  • Sign APK files with custom signatures before installing
  • Backup encryption: OpenPGP via OpenKeychain, RSA (hybrid encryption with AES) and AES.

Root/ADB-only features

  • Revoke runtime (AKA dangerous) and development permissions
  • Change the mode of an app op
  • Display/kill/force-stop running apps or processes
  • Clear app data or app cache
  • View/change net policy
  • Control battery optimization

Root-only features

  • Block any activities, broadcast receivers, services, or providers of an app with native import/export as well as Watt and Blocker import support
  • View/edit/delete shared preferences of any app
  • Back up/restore apps with data, rules and extras (such as permissions, battery optimization, SSAID, etc.)
  • View system configurations including blacklisted or whitelisted apps, permissions, etc.
  • View/change SSAID

…and many more! This single app combines the features of 5 or 6 apps any tech-savvy person needs!

Upcoming features

  • APK editing
  • Routine operations
  • Backup encryption: Elliptive-curve cryptography (ECC)
  • Finder: Find app components, permissions etc. in all apps
  • Enable/disable app actions such as launch on boot
  • Panic responder for Ripple
  • Crash monitor
  • Systemless disabling/uninstalling of the system apps
  • Import/export app list
  • Terminal emulator
  • Database viewer and editor, etc.
All versions
App Manager (f-droid version) 3.1.2


Uploaded:September 29, 2023 at 7:46PM UTC

File size:15.56 MB


App Manager (f-droid version) 3.1.1


Uploaded:July 3, 2023 at 6:11PM UTC

File size:15.56 MB


App Manager (f-droid version) 3.0.4


Uploaded:March 16, 2023 at 6:16AM UTC

File size:14.16 MB