Connecting things to your VPN made simple. Share your VPN connection over hotspot/system tethering or repeater. (root required)

This app is useful for:

* Connecting things that don't support VPN like Chromecasts behind corporate firewalls;
* Setting up gapps behind corporate firewalls;
* Connecting to your mobile hotspot but you're not bothered to set up VPN on your device;
* Bypassing tethering limits. (you might need more of a real VPN than an ad-blocker to fool a smarter cellular provider)

This app is designed to do only minimal changes to your system, so there's almost no chance you will brick your device and/or break your Internet using this app under normal conditions. However there's also absolutely no guarantee it won't.

Get more information on GitHub:
From version VPN Hotspot - tethering/Wi-Fi repeater 2.4.5:
* Support copy/paste/share via QR code for Wi-Fi configurations. (#92)
* Support editing system AP configuration for systemized installs.
* Support for Android Q beta 4:
- Support "Disable power save" and "Low latency mode" for keeping Wi-Fi alive.
- Support changing repeater configurations without using root. (#31)
- Support setting operating frequency of repeater to 2.4/5.0 GHz band without specifying a specific channel.
* Reset repeater configuration has been deprecated.
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