BuMP Beta - A handy Bubble Music Player unlike others. It can play music from Spotify and local device in a pop-up bubble in front of every other application. Also, it's totally free, no ads, no in-apps!

Ever wanted to listen to your favorite music without breaking your habits or interrupting current tasks? Doesn't matter if you use Spotify or you prefer to keep your music on your own device - we've got it covered!

Main goal of Bubble Music Player is to be non-intrusive and functional - open our floating music player, play your music and control it without leaving your apps. You can still play your favorite game while listening to music!

It's an ultimate music widget replacement.

Flat, minimalistic material design with cool animations included!

- Totally free - ad-free, no in-app payments
- Lightweight - light music player
- Handy - pop up music player
- Snap to edges
- Material design
- Spotify premium support
- Local music support
- Playlists
- Search your music
- Fast-forward with a gesture
- Made with love

From version BuMP Music Player 0.4.4:

- Feature: Added last.fm scrobbling & event broadcasting
- Improvement: Added option to change behavior after call ends
- Bugfix: Bubble now stays in a correct position after orientation change
- Bugfix: Improved stability

- Feature: Added fast scroll to lists
- Feature: Added ripple to some Samsung devices bellow Lollipop
- Improvement: Faster bubble dragging
- Bugfix: Improved stability
- Bugfix: Reduced memory consumption

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BuMP Music Player 0.4.4
October 6, 2015


Uploaded:October 6, 2015 at 7:19AM UTC

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