Ever missed a notification? Or accidentally swiped one away? Or snoozed a notification for later, only to find out you have plenty of time now to view it?

Introducing Unnotification

-- Undo Swiped Notifications (Android 8+) --

Ever accidentally swiped away a notification and didn't have time to read what it said? Now you can bring it back with Unnotification! Whenever you swipe away a notification, a new one will pop up asking if you want to bring back the notification you may have accidentally swiped away and act on it accordingly. You can also choose certain apps to ignore undoing notifications for.

-- Keep a Detailed Notification History --

* Search through your notifications via any piece of text in the notification (the app name, the notification title, the text within it, etc.)
* Find notifications within a specific date range (i.e. notifications from June 2019)
* Find a category of notifications (i.e. emails)
* Set up an auto-delete schedule to clear your log daily, weekly, or monthly

-- View Snoozed Notifications (Android 8+) --

Instead of waiting who-knows-how-long to see a notification you snoozed, view it instantly. You can also immediately act on an unsnoozed notification.

-- Backup Your Notifications --

These backups are exportable to wherever you want (Google Drive, Dropbox, email, etc.) and you can view these backups at any time extensively without affecting your current notification history.

-- Secure Your Notifications --

If you have a fingerprint or facial recognition set up already for your device, you can also use that to secure this app and prevent unwanted users from viewing your notification history.

-- Dark Theme --

All in-app purchases are for donations only and are completely optional.

From version Unnotification 2.2.0:

New in 2.2.0:

* Import/export your list of ignored apps
* By default, the notification log will be restricted to 100MB. This can be adjusted up to 2GB.

New in 2.1.1:

* Fixed a bug where "ignoring" an app didn't prevent it from being added to your history
* Long-press an app in your notification history to quickly "ignore" it, or have Unnotification no longer track that app

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