What's new in Bowflex Max Trainer®

- Added localization for Spanish, Italian, French and German.
- Removed workout completed field from Workout Detail in Journal section.
- Minor improvements and bug fixes.

From version Bowflex Max Trainer® 3.1.0:

About Bowflex Max Trainer®

The Bowflex Max Trainer® app is designed for your Max Trainer® M5 or M7 and is a great tool to help on your fitness journey as you watch the calories melt away. The Bowflex Max Trainer® app also supports the Google Fit app. The Fit app lets you keep your fitness and health information in one easy to read dashboard. Now you can sync your Max Trainer workouts with Health and see your calories burned, workout data, and heart rate data in the Google Fit dashboard.

• Track your Goals: Set, monitor, and track personal fitness goals
• See your progress each week
• Win Awards and get achievements as you hit personal records
• You can automatically sync your workout data with the MyFitnessPal® nutrition app and make hitting your daily calorie goals even easier. (Feature currently disabled)
• Keeps a journal of your progress – if you can track it, you can improve it!

Note: this App requires the Bowflex Max Trainer® M5 or M7

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