Dear user, this plugin is not a standalone app, you need to install Solid Explorer File Manager first.

This plugin provides access to Amazon cloud services in Solid Explorer. You'll be able to manage files on your S3 or Cloud Drive accounts.

In order to connect to one of the services, follow these steps:
1. Tap the + button
2. Choose "Cloud connection"
3. Select Amazon Cloud Drive or Amazon S3 option
4. Enter required login information
5. Tap connect. Tap again to open your cloud drive

In case of any problems, feel free to report them using the "Send bug report" option in application's about screen. Positive feedback is welcome too ;)

Have fun!

From version Cloud Drive & S3 plugin for SE 1.0.2:

- updated region list in S3 connection creator
- fixed modification date in the Cloud Drive client

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Cloud Drive & S3 plugin for SE 1.0.2


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