Solid Explorer is a file management app inspired by the old school file commander applications. It will help you:
🗄️ Easily manage files in dual pane layout
🔐 Protect files with strong encryption
🖥️ Manage files on your cloud storage or NAS
☁️ Backup apps and files to any desired destination

Explore your device
Solid Explorer lets you navigate to files stored on your device and automatically organizes them into collections. You can view, delete, move, rename or share any files. It also allows you to quickly find the files you need through indexed search with filters.

Keep your files safe
Solid Explorer can protect selected files with strong AES encryption and put them in a secure folder, which contents are unreadable for other apps. The file manager will ask for password or fingerprint confirmation when you browse the folder. Even if you uninstall Solid Explorer, the files stay on your device and are still protected.

Analyze Storage
Although this file manager doesn’t feature a dedicated storage analyzer, you can find out which files take up most of space by going to folder properties of internal storage or SD card. You will find the information about the percentage of space each folder takes and the list of biggest files. You can also use search with a file size filter.

Organize remote files
Solid Explorer supports major network protocols and cloud providers to let you organize multiple remote file locations in one place. You can easily transfer files between cloud locations/servers just by dragging them from one panel to another.

Major feature list:

Files management - main storage, SD card, USB OTG
Cloud storage - easily connect and manage files on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Owncloud, SugarSync, MediaFire, Yandex, Mega*
NAS - support for major network protocols FTP, SFTP, SMB (Samba), WebDav
File encryption - password and fingerprint protection
Archives - support for ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR files
Root explorer - browse system files if your device is rooted
Indexed search - quickly find files on your device
Analyze storage - manage files taking too much space on your device
Organized collections - files categorized in Downloads, Recent,Photos, Videos, Music, Documents and Apps
Internal image viewer, music player and text editor - for easier browsing on remote storages
Batch rename - with support for naming patterns
FTP Server - for accessing your local files from PC
Themes and icon sets - rich customization options

Solid Explorer will also manage files on your Chromebook with support for mouse and keyboard input.

Useful links:

* with paid add-on

From version Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.32:

- performance improvements in SMB client
- ability to enable data encryption when using SMB3
- improved Android 33 compatibility
- fixed GIFs not animating in the Image Viewer
- ability to access Android/data folder on Android 13
- SMB3 support, improved file transfer speed
- support shared drives in the Google Drive client
- automatically show authorization window when login credentials expire
- minor bug fixes

All versions


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Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.30


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Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.27b beta1


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Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.26


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Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.25


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Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.24


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