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[Feature] What can it do for you?
1.Mirror screen to Android TV or video box.
Launch app on the TV, it shows a QR-Code, use phone app to scan the QR-Code, the phone's screen will show on the TV immediately!
2.Digital Album
Transfer photos from phone to the TV, then enjoy the slide show, just like in a gallery.
[Differentiation] What's special?
☆ Totally free, no ads, no in-app purchases, no internet traffic.
☆ This app provides a more stable service than Miracast and Wireless Display, it also adapts to the bandwidth of the network with the quality options Normal, High, Ultra.
☆ TCP and UDP are supported network modes, the capture mode supports video and image transmission, you can try different options for the best experience.
☆ After launch, it automatically detects available devices nearby, and you can select a device to mirror or to cast.
[User Story] Why you need it?
+ Play games: When playing games, mirroring the screen to TV will make the visual effect more exciting.
+ Digital gallery: Transfer photos and famous paintings from phone to TV, then enjoy them as a slide show, just like in a gallery.
+ Movie: Stream movies to a smart TV, enjoy the cinema experience!
+ Meeting presentations: It's easy to wirelessly present PowerPoint, Excel and any other documents you want, so your colleagues can easily see them on the big TV screen.
+ Education: It's harmful for children’s eyes to watch videos on cellphone, it's much better to mirror the content to the TV screen.
+ Reading: It also supports reading E-Books or news on TV.
+ Training: Project the screen of the fitness App onto the TV and watch it while exercising.
+ Stock market research: Supports you to display research data and charts on TV screen. That will be more convenient and comfortable.
+Web Video: The latest version supports streaming songs and videos from Web Video list with audio.
Where to get application?
For Android Phone App: Search "1001 TVs" in the Google Play
For iOS Phone App: Search "1001 TVs" in the App Store
1.The app doesn't sync phone's audio when mirroring.
2.The app requires at least Android 5.0.
3.Only TVs with Android 6+ support streaming web videos with audio, so pay attention to your device and make sure you update your Apps both on the phone and TV to the latest versions.
4.If you have questions or feedback, please send email to mailto:1001tvs@nero.com or contact us via QQ(3353712717) WeChat(13675874626), we would be pleased to provide you any help.
5.DO NOT use reviews for reporting issues, because we have no way to help you or contact you.
6.The Official Website: www.1001tvs.com/

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November 7, 2021
Android 4.2+
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