"Bye-Bye access numbers! This free app allows you to directly call stored contacts or international numbers without the hassle of dialing access numbers.

How it works:
- Once downloaded, there is no need to open the app to make a call
- Save the international destination as a contact and then just select the contact to make the call. Or just dial the international number 011-country code + city code + phone number
- Contacts should be saved in the following format: 011+country code+ city code+ phone number
- This application is for Net10 customers with active service. Android OS systems are sometimes updated before application updates are made. If you have recently updated your OS, please be patient as a new update will be available shortly.

• No need to dial an access number.
• No need to launch the application.
• International Calls are immediately connected.
• Great call quality.
• Contacts are easily included- Just select a contact with a saved international number and the application connects you in moments.

- $65 Unlimited International 30-Day Calling plan: Unlimited* nationwide coverage plus Unlimited International** calls from the US to cellular phones in Mexico, Canada, China and India plus over 1,000 landline destinations. To check if your international destination is available text the COUNTRY CODE + CITY CODE + PHONE NUMBER to 64372 (standard text message rates apply).
- $10 Global card covers ALL destinations around the world including cellular phones. You can add this International Calling card to any Net10 Service Plan for more flexibility.
- Phone Upgrade 30-Day Calling plans: Earn a discount towards the purchase of a new phone after you accrue 18 Upgrade Points plus Unlimited* nationwide coverage and availave International landline minutes from 100 to 300 depending on the plan you choose.

Visit net10wireless.com to learn more.

* 30-Day Unlimited Plans include a fixed amount of High-Speed Data per 30-day cycle, as set forth in the Plan descriptions available at NET10Wireless.com. After reaching the high-speed data threshold, your data speed will be reduced to as low as 64 kbps for the remainder of the 30-day cycle. If your data speed is reduced, the reduced speed may impact the functionality of some data applications, such as streaming audio or video or web browsing. NET10 reserves the right to terminate your service for unauthorized or abnormal usage. Please refer always to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service.
** Each account is allowed to dial up to 15 unique international telephone numbers during a 30-day plan cycle, which resets after a new 30-day plan is redeemed. Unlimited international calls are available to landline and cellular numbers in select destinations only, which are subject to change at any time. Calls must originate from the US. No international Roaming is allowed. For personal use only. Other terms and conditions apply. Please always refer to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service at net10wireless.com."

From version Net10 International Calls 7.0.2:

Dialer Update
Bug and error fixes
Resolution Fix

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