In the old oriental country, one butterfly flew into Ling's dream, bringing a new journey like never before.
Annual Collection is now available, including the 9 new levels in the China Chapter expansion and 2 extra levels telling more stories.
Based on AR technology, presents painting style sceneries, puzzles combined with oriental culture and classical melodies, with a fantasy oriental journey in the real world.

·A Returning-home Journey
The Spring Festival Offering brings new heroine and new stories. In this oriental journey, experience the everlasting theme of returning-home in the traditional Chinese culture.

·Painting Style Sceneries
Inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings, designs and presents vivid stages with impressive oriental art style in the real world.

·An Oriental Adventure
In the real world, continue an oriental adventure with puzzles from the traditional Chinese culture. Moreover, the new underwater stage provides AR experience like never before.

·Melodies of the Ancient Dynasty
Beautiful and classical melodies lead players into the beautiful oriental dynasty with thousands of years of story to tell.

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From version YuME: Alice's Dream 1.18:

1、Added stages based on oriental culture and art style
2、Added Story Item Collecting system to provide more story details
3、Fixed the adaptation issue in some devices

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March 27, 2018


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