Flashlight Toggle is designed for only one straightforward purpose - to toggle your flashlight on and off with as little interruption as possible.

Although most phones provide a flashlight toggle quick setting, this app was designed primarily to use with the Bixby button on recent Samsung Galaxy devices.

In Android 9.0 , Samsung made it possible for users to configure the Bixby button to launch an app. Therefore, by using this app, you can have your Bixby button work as a hardware flashlight toggle(when the device is unlocked). Because the app has no user interface, you can find full setup instructions on our website.

The app can also be used with other automation devices and apps, such as configurable 3.5mm headphone jack buttons,bluetooth connected buttons, NFC tags, etc. It also works great as a lock screen shortcut on devices that support those.

..Or maybe you just want a flashlight toggle in a specific spot on your homescreen.

Turns your flashlight on and off!
No interface!
No options!
Doesn't clash with your device's built-in flashlight toggle!
Doesn't interrupt you!
No special permissions required!
No ads!

Did we mention it turns your flashlight on and off?

From version Flashlight Toggle - Simple and Minimalist 1.0:

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