Astro party is the ultimate casual party game. Up to four players can play this game on one device!
Control the hilarious spaceships in a competitive deathmatch.

- Two button controls
- Three game modes
- Dynamic arenas
From version Astro Party 2.0.2:
** Celebration Update **

3 More Levels
- Dance
- Maze
- Loop

3 More Modifiers
- No Powerups
- Scatter Shot
- Super Dash

Game Tweaks
- Starting powerup modifier now shows which powerup is selected before battle.
- Fixed rare pilot "self-kill" bug
- "Headhunters" is now "Ship Hunters"
- "Pilot Execution" is now "Pilot Hunters"
- Default game mode is now Pilot Hunters

- Bug fixes for a better party
All versions
April 8, 2016