Harness the power of the mystical sun tortilla to build your taco empire!

Build and manage tasty taco restaurants and upgrade their production and operating hours.

With the guidance of Barbacoatl, an enigmatic taco connoisseur, find the ancient map that leads to a secret ritual ground. If a Tacologist were to complete this map and journey to this ancient place, then he would be able to harness the cosmic power of the Taco and bring even more tacos to the universe!

Stats and Achievements! Try to get all the achievements, and keep track of every taco you have ever made!

From version Mucho Taco 2.2:

The Biggest Mucho Taco Update yet! We know some of our most passionate fans are waiting for more content. We are not kidding around; this is a Super-Size X2 order worth of content!

• ​NEW​ Ancient legends speak of a map that leads to a secret ritual ground.
• ​NEW* More Ingredients!
• ​NEW​ Stats and Achievements!
• ​NEW​ Offline Chef system!
• ​NEW​ Relics!
• ​NEW​ Are you felling lucky? Mucha Suerte now occasionally gives you a bonus try.
• ​NEW​ The shop has new items!

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May 20, 2016


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