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Fixed a bug that was not letting users revive via video watching. Sorry, we'll TRY HARDER from now on!

From version Try Harder 1.0.1:

About Try Harder

Not a suggestion. Not a pro-tip. TRY HARDER is a mandate. Sprint headlong into certain death and put your mobile reflexes to the test. Run longer. Jump higher. Try harder. If none of those work: TRY HARDER.

-Run, jump and glide through a horrible gauntlet of aesthetically pleasing death traps.
-Add to your trail of corpses with every failure, then trample them to victory!
-Grab power-ups to avoid traps and last a few more precious seconds.

Game by Glitchnap (glitchnap.com)
Published by Noodlecake (noodlecake.com)
Audio by Salkinitzor (salkinitzor.bandcamp.com/)
Art by Sklett (www.sklett.se/)

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Try Harder 1.0.1
July 28, 2016


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