NoxApp+ is a master of managing multiple accounts, especially designed for social apps and games. If you have more than one account for the same app, use NoxApp+ to run them simultaneously on your phone. .
It solves the annoyance of frequent account switching. All you need is cloning an app in NoxApp+ and start using parallel accounts with convenience. Your privacy is secured at the same time.

Main Features
Run multiple game and app accounts on one device
You could clone any app in NoxApp+ to run parallel accounts
○One account for life and one account for work. Double accounts for double identity.
○Log in multiple gaming accounts at the same time to boost levels and powers. NoxApp+ is compatible with most Android apps and games
○There is no interference between multiple accounts. Receive notifications separately and effectively.
○You can clone up to 3 instances for the same app in this version, which means creating 2 accounts or 3 accounts at the same time. And more will come in future updates.

Full-featured functions of multiple accounts management and privacy protection
Your privacy is secured in NoxApp+ multiple accounts management tool
○Customize notification styles for each app. Only read the messages that you want.
○Use gesture password to further protect your privacy.

○More optimized functions will be added in the future.

Basic Operations
NoxApp+ is very easy to learn and use
○Create shortcut to every cloned app on your phone screen.
Remove the cloned app with one tap. It has never been so easy.
Long press to rename your app. It helps to distinguish parallel accounts and help find your preferred app more quickly


○Absolutely free and clean interface with no Ads!
○Automatically configured Google components and no need to add them manually.
○Low memory and battery usage. Running NoxApp+ won’t affect your phone performance.

Permissions: in order for the apps you cloned in NoxApp+ to run properly, please allow as many permission requests as possible to NoxApp+. Otherwise you may find some of the functions of your app fail to work. In order to receive notifications of cloned apps, please whitelist or uncheck NoxApp+ from memory clean settings.
While logging in to different accounts, you may need to provide different phone numbers as well. Please make sure the mobile number you provided is valid to receive the verification code.

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NoxApp+ - Multiple accounts clone app 1.2.1


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