NOTE: To upgrade to the latest version please make sure you have installed OTA 2.2 or newer

NVIDIA® Dabbler™ is an art simulation app for the SHIELD tablet with realistic watercolor and oil painting effects.
• Watch virtual water dribble down and seep into your on-screen canvas, powered by real-time fluid-simulations.
• Apply and manipulate thick globs of oil paint to create your next oil painting masterpiece.
• Sketch effortlessly thanks to the super-low pen-to-ink latency, made possible with NVIDIA DirectStylus™ 2 technology.

Dabbler turns your SHIELD tablet stylus into an artist’s brush.

Features include:
• Realistic GPU-accelerated watercolor and oil painting effects
• Selectable paper models
• Custom color mixing circle
• User adjustable brush wetness
• Adjustable pressure sensitivity
• Multiple layer support, including: standard inter-layer operations, scaling, translation
• Intelligent shape recognition mode
• Enhanced palm rejection with stylus only mode
• Material Design-inspired UI
• Stream live painting sessions
• Record and share painting sessions
• Shareable canvases for collaborative painting
• Google Print support
• Additional downloadable showcase canvases

Showcase Gallery:
Users are creating masterpieces on their SHIELD tablets. And we’ve been showcasing them on our deviantART gallery. Join the gallery and see what others are creating. Or show off what you’ve been doing with SHIELD tablet and Dabbler.

Learn More:

Dabbler is only available to owners of a SHIELD tablet. To learn more and buy, visit

From version NVIDIA Dabbler 3.03:

• Various bug fixes and improvements

(Android 4.4+)
Latest: 3.02 on September 14, 2015
(Android 6.0+)
Latest: 3.03 on August 17, 2016
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NVIDIA Dabbler 3.03
August 17, 2016


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NVIDIA Dabbler 3.02
September 14, 2015


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NVIDIA Dabbler 3.01
August 14, 2015


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