Control your NVIDIA SHIELD TV with your mobile device. The SHIELD TV app enhances your GeForce NOW experience by including a virtual trackpad and keyboard to make logging into services like STEAM, Blizzard, and U-Play quick and easy.

SHIELD remote buttons: D-pad (up/down/right/left), Home, Back, Start (Play/Pause)
Virtual Mousepad (for navigating GeForce NOW, GameStream, and Android apps)
Virtual Keyboard (US English)

Setup instructions:
On your SHIELD TV, update to SHIELD Experience 7.1 or later (Settings > About > System upgrade).
Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same home network as your SHIELD TV.
Install and open the NVIDIA SHIELD TV app on your iPhone or iPad.
Follow the in-app instructions to pair the app to your SHIELD TV.

From version NVIDIA SHIELD TV 1.0 beta:

iBeta Testing

All versions
August 15, 2018