Nevolution is an open platform for Android to evolve the notification experience of existing apps, in a creative developer-independent way via community-driven plug-ins, without the involvement of the original app developer.

Android supports highly rich notification experience, and the feature set expanded in almost every major Android versions. Unfortunately, most apps only use a small set of limited capabilities of notification, rendering them less elegant and even ugly on your modern Android devices.

If you use an Android Wear smart watch or Android Auto powered car, it's extremely disappointed that probably most of your favorite apps do not work on them.

We are not asking any more, but showing them the right way to build better experience, with the efforts from Nevolution community.


* Notification sound and vibration may be interrupted early. A solution is being worked on.
* Before Android 6.0, due to platform limitation, the status-bar icon of the some notifications can not be kept if they are evolved.
* Evolved notifications are not automatically removed by the originating app (e.g. when app is opened). A possible solution is being evaluated.

Built-in plug-ins: (all open sourced on GitHub)

*Multi-line Text*: Expand truncated text into multi-lines.
*Stack*: Stack recent historical messages as a list.
"No Sticky": Hide sticky notification. (Android 8+)
*Call Vibrator*: Vibrate when out-going call is answered.

*WeChat*: Peek the recent messages in the expanded conversation notification.

From version Nevolution 6.2 beta:

New Settings UI.
Support app-specific Outsider mode (currently implemented by WeChat plugin).
Support evolving notifications of foreground service.
Support notification features in Android 10 for plug-ins.
Improve the notification alerts handling.

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