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В городе — стресс, а на даче-то — шашлычки. Не будем мариновать вас подробностями, в приложении всё хорошо. Загружайте кино на мобильное устройство и смотрите Okko, пока угли в мангале набирают жар.

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About Okko - movies & series online

Okko is an online movie theater where you can watch movies, TV series, cartoons, lectures, concerts, performances and TV channels, with new titles being added weekly. It features a special profile with age filters for children and the Okko Sport service for sports fans broadcasting football matches, tennis tournaments and MMA fights.
Enjoy movies for 30 days for RUB 1
Pay just RUB 1 to get access to the 30-day Optimum subscription plan to choose from 90,000 movies, TV series, cartoons and many more.
For details please visit: okko.tv/s/sep22
Large selection of movies
The catalogue contains both Russian and foreign titles in a variety of genres to suit any taste, ranging from blockbusters to art-house cinema. To help you navigate through this diversity, we will offer you our editorial collections and personal recommendations.
4K movies
Okko has more than 800 titles in 4K and 8К Ultra HD resolution and numerous titles with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus audio for viewers to experience a complete immersion in the world of cinema. Please be aware that some movies are played in 4:3 ratio.
Okko’s benefits
• Link up to five devices to your subscription, including your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or Xbox, to be able to switch on Okko wherever you want.
• Watch your favorite TV channels live without a special set-top box. We offer access to 20 main and dozens of additional terrestrial channels.
• Use the child profile to protect your child from age-inappropriate content. Choose the best from thousands of cartoons and children’s shows.
Okko Sport
Support your favorite athletes and watch sports broadcasts including:
• Football matches from the La Liga (Spain), the Coppa Italia, the Dutch Cup, the League of Nations, and the EURO 2024 qualifying games;
• Mixed martial arts events from the Brave CF, MMA Series and the ММА Union of Russia;
• Davis Cup tennis matches.
Full HD resolution, professional commentators and easy playback control — all this will help you comfortably immerse yourself in the world of big-time sports.
For details please visit: okko. sport/terms
Still have any questions about the service? Please email us at mail@okko.tv or call at 8 800 700 55 33 (Russia) or 8 800 200 55 33 (the Republic of Kazakhstan).
Watch movies with pleasure!

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