OLED displays are finally here. Use this toolkit to test your OLED display for burn-in, motion blur, and sample-and-hold effect.

Burn-in Test
Find areas with unevenly bright pixels (burn-in). Blue pixels tend to burn out faster than red or green.

Burn-in Reduce
Attempt to improve pixel uniformity by cycling through pixels at 100% brightness.

Motion Blur Test
Motion blurring effects are demonstrated with this test. On most OLED displays, blue sub pixels react to color change at a different speed than red and green. You can see this effect with the motion of a solid white bar and circle moving fast down the screen. Lower brightness has a greater effect.

Sample-and-Hold Test
Sample-and-hold can cause a ghosting effect with moving objects at high frames per second (FPS). This test can be used to measures the effect of sample-and-hold at a high FPS.

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