- Check out the new Donuts 🍩 wallpaper with the six flavoured donuts all represent a different app category, covering all of the apps you use. The donut will be gradually eaten the more you use the category.
- A refreshed UI design for a clean and modern look 🦄.
- The new "Do not track" feature allows users to exclude apps from the wallpaper data visualization.
- All wallpapers now support "show screen time on taps 👆." Users can turn this off in the settings.

WellPaper is a mobile app that displays your screen time and smartphone usage on a creative and dynamic wallpaper. Current screen time monitoring tools are often bland and uninspiring, giving users little reason to return or use the information. WellPaper allows users to visualize and better understand their day-to-day smartphone habits in an aesthetic way right on the lock and home screens.

🏆 WellPaper is the winner of the 2022 iF Design Award and the bronze winner of the 2022 A' Design Award! It is also one of the Best Innovation in Software 2021 selected by ZDNet. 🏆

Recent Updates:

- A refreshed UI design for a clean and modern look.
- Now you can view the sideloaded apps and assign them to one of the six categories to track their screen time. You can also change the category of an app.
- Now you can set an app as "do not track" using the same way as assigning it to the six categories. Once set, this app's screen time will no longer be visualized by any wallpapers.
- All wallpapers now support "show screen time on taps." After setting a wallpaper, you can tap on the empty space on the home screen to view all categories' screen time. You can turn this off in the settings.
- Introducing three new wallpapers in our collection: Cosmos, Botanical Garden, and Donut Shop.

Key Features:

- 🔋 Very battery efficient. WellPaper focuses on dynamic wallpapers that update on unlock rather than operating in the background as an ‘always live’ wallpaper.
- 🦄 Completely personalized wallpapers based on your usage behaviors. Set a daily screen time target to keep yourself on track.
- 👌 Stay aware of your digital habits in a convenient and visually-pleasing way.

Choose from 6 Different Wallpaper Designs:

  • Composition: Inspired by Piet Mondrian's painting "Composition No. II," this data-heavy design consists of a range of tiles that constantly scale based on app usage.
  • Glow: A cyberpunk design with six neon rings that get thicker when you are approaching the daily screen time target.
  • Radial: A soft and smooth color gradient on a white canvas, for those who appreciate a minimal design style.
  • Cosmos: A dark-themed solar system design, this wallpaper features 6 planets that constantly scale based on your app usage.
  • Botanical garden: Inspired by Alex Katz's painting "Tulips 4," comes a relaxing flower design that lets users' digital wellbeing blossom.
  • Donut shop: Six flavored donuts freshly baked every day. Take a bit of them when you are using your phone, or they will be sold out!
  • WellPaper takes the many different types of apps on your phone and simplifies them down into 6 categories, so you can easily understand how your time is being used. You can go into the WellPaper app to check which apps belong to each category, manage sideloaded apps, or set your daily screen time target.

    WellPaper Tracks:

  • Social
  • Lifestyle and Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Information and Business
  • Tools
  • Important User Note:

    WellPaper calculates all this information locally so none of your data is pulled from outside usage. It does require an internet connection to know what the Google Play categories are of each individual app.

    Contact for support: support@onelab.studio
    Check out our other app: Clipt
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    About OneLab

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    July 6, 2022
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    July 6, 2022
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