Works with Android 8.1+

All in 1.84 MB!
I have made an ancient looking launcher compatible with modern phones!!!!
This launcher has those many 3D buttons, glowing buttons, those old and weird animations.
Google play shortcut!
Deicated apps and WIDGETS tab!
Now, it is also compatible with navigation gestures!
Key features:
• Customize Desktop - Screen grid size customization, lock desktop, hide search bar etc.
• Customize App Drawer - Hide apps from drawer, show / hide favorite apps, icon customization etc.
• Icon Packs- Support thousands of icon themes on the Play Store.
• Infinite scroll - Loop through the desktop or drawer continuously, never far from your favorite page.
• Scrollable Dock -Support 5 dock pages and customizable dock icons.
• Fast - Launcher 8.1 is super fast and smooth with this update
• More Shadows
• More animations to make this incredible launcher feel lively
• Best feature is no BLOATWARE!
• Makes your phone 78.4% FASTER!!! (Phone speed go Brrrr....)

More customizations will be added in future versions.

As of now, enjoy this awesome launcher!

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All versions
System Launcher 13.0.1
November 22, 2022


Uploaded:November 22, 2022 at 12:23AM UTC

File size:37.17 MB


System Launcher 13.0.01
November 22, 2022


Uploaded:November 22, 2022 at 12:23AM UTC

File size:36.59 MB


System Launcher 12.0.503


Uploaded:April 1, 2022 at 7:09PM UTC

File size:31.85 MB


System Launcher 12.0.00
December 14, 2021


Uploaded:December 14, 2021 at 12:00AM UTC

File size:26.34 MB


System Launcher 11.3.00
October 5, 2021


Uploaded:October 5, 2021 at 6:12AM UTC

File size:26.41 MB