Open Garden helps neighbors save money on their home internet bill without sacrificing their own privacy, security, or data usage.

You and your neighbor are paying too much for your internet and not using enough. Why not share? In the past, anyone who has tried to lower their internet bill by sharing with their neighbor would understand the security concerns that come with such an arrangement, the frustration of neighbors who use more than their fair share of data, and the discomfort of tracking down their neighbor for payments. Open Garden eliminates these obstacles.

Open Garden ensures that both neighbors have separate SSIDs and passwords and restricts each neighbor’s access to the other’s network, effectively securing both neighbors’ internet connections. Our system allows neighbors to agree on and set the allocation of data between them, eliminating the frustration of neighbors overusing data. Our built in automatic payment system also makes sure that you will never have to awkwardly knock on your neighbor’s door for payment ever again.

Neighbors with the WiFi Sharing Device start earning as soon as their neighbor connects. Neighbors connecting to someone else’s network get their first month of access for free.

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